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Welcome to the Competence Map of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME)!

The Competence Map provides a rich source of information about research expertise and achievements of the researchers and the research groups of the University.

The online database provides information about expertise, publications, projects, infrastructure and results in an easily-navigable format. The page offers multiple types of search: among all you can look for research areas, Horizon Europe keywords or even for specific infrastructure. The search results lead to the Researcher and the Research Group Profile Pages that provide more information and the contact details.

The BME Competence Map is an ideal tool for

  • academic and industry partners looking for collaborators
  • building Horizon Europe consortia (by using the Horizon Europe keywords search)
  • companies looking for specific infrastructure
  • PhD-students and early career researchers looking for mentors and supervisors (e.g. for MSCA grants)
  • external researchers looking for a research team to work with on a specific field.

Forms for creating and modifying profiles on the BME Competence Map (only for BME researchers):

Research group page
Researcher profile page
Laboratory page
Request for modification of existing profiles


The Competence Map is maintained by BME FIEK (Innovation Management and Cooperation Center) In case of queries please contact András Bózsik, Competence Map editor at horizon[at]bme[dot]hu