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Dr. Csaba Csiszár

Associate Professor

PhD, DSc, habil

H-1111 Budapest, Műegyetem rkp. 3



Ahmed Jaber

PhD Student

Dr. Bálint Csonka

Research Associate

Simon Nagy

PhD Student

Dr. Dávid Földes

Research Associate

Introduction of the Research Group

Our objective is to analyse and develop transport systems and mobility services as well as to facilitate community engagement. We develop novel solutions by modelling basis and information systems of transport and improve their interconnections. We focus on efficiency enhancement, travellers, and sustainability aspects; whilst approach facilitating integration of individual, shared and high-capacity public mobility services and covering the entire travel chain is applied. We pay special attention to micromobility forms and feeder services. The main principles, as the basis process of transportation and processes of organizations are followed. At the same time, we focus also on more and more intensive interconnection of vehicle and transportation sciences and engineering aspects. We establish developments regarding efficiency enhancement for operators and users as well as regarding perceived service quality. We elaborate such new theoretical and practical structures, which make the development of transport systems in long-term possible and being flexible and expandable according to the development of science, practice and infocommunication technology. Simulation tools and decision-making support models can be prepared based on our models, which support developments by quantitative results and describe the future scenarios and situations.

Watch our 3-minute introductory video:


- Structural and operational models of transport systems
- Assessment framework and procedures
- Application specific and integrated information systems
- Models for passenger handling functions
- Structural and operational models of transportation system based on autonomous vehicles
- Planning methods for mobility services based on autonomous vehicles
- Information service models for traveller decision-making
- Customization methods for mobility and information services


1. Földes, D., Csiszár, Cs., Tettamanti, T. 2021. Automation Levels of Mobility Services. Journal of Transportation Engineering Part A – Systems, 147(5)., pp. 04021021. DOI: 10.1061/JTEPBS.0000519
2. Silva, S.D., Földes D., Csiszár, Cs. 2021. Autonomous Vehicle Use and Urban Space Transformation: A Scenario Building and Analysing Method. Sustainability, 13(6), pp. 3008. DOI: 10.3390/su13063008
3. Csiszár, Cs., Földes, D. 2018. System Model for Autonomous Road Freight Transportation. Promet-Traffic&Transportation, 30, pp. 93-103. DOI: 10.7307/ptt.v30i1.2566
4. Csonka, B., Csiszár, Cs. 2016. Service Quality Analysis and Assessment Method for European Carsharing Systems, Periodica Polytechnica Transportation Engineering 44: (2) pp. 80-88. DOI: 10.3311/PPtr.8559
5. Földes, D., Csiszár, Cs. 2015. Route Plan Evaluation Method for Personalized Passenger Information Service. Transport 30(3), pp. 273-285. DOI: 10.3846/16484142.2015.1086889


Promet-Traffic&Transportation, Energies, Transportation Engineering Part A – Systems, Periodica Polytechnica Transportation Engineering, Transport, Periodica Polytechnica Civil Engineering, Sustainability


1. HORIZON CL5-2021-D6-01-09 Climate resilient and environmentally sustainable transport infrastructure, focus on inland waterways, Horizon Europe, „Deployment and Assessment of Predictive modelling, environmentally sustainable and emerging digital technologies and tools for improving the resilience of IWW against Climate change and other extremes – the Ploto1 Approach”, 2022-2025
2. Scientific-technical-engineering consultancy regarding establishment of informatics platform supporting Car as a Service (CaaS) paradigm, 2021

Industry relations

Centre for Budapest Transport (BKK); National Data Knowledge Center (NATUK); Freeport of Budapest Logistics Ltd. (BSZL); Hungarian State Railway Company (MÁV); National Association of Radio Distress-Signalling and Infocommunications (RSOE); GriffSoft Informatics Ltd.; R&R Software Ltd.; Hungarian Oil and Gas Company (MOL)


1. 19th International Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITSC) 2016 review preparation 2. 14th World Conference on Tranpsort Research (WCTR) 2016 review preparation 3. 20th EURO Working Group on Transportation Meeting, EWGT 2017 participation 4. 10th International Scientific Conference „Transbaltica 2017: Transportation Science and Technology”, 2017 participation 5. 5th IFAC Symposium on Control in Transportation Systems, (CTS) 2018 review preparation 6. 11th International Scientific Conference "Transbaltica 2019: Transportation Science and Technology", 2019 participation, review preparation 7. Smart Cities Symposium, Prague scientific committee member 2018- 8. Member of the International Council for Priority Research Area Smart Cities and Future Mobility, Silesian University of Technology, Katowice 2020- 9. 17th Scientific and technical conference – Transport Systems Theory and Practice, Katowice, scientific committee member 2021 10. ZIRP 2021 International Scientific Conference, The Science and Development of Transport, 30th September – 1st October 2021, Šibenik, Croatia program committee member 11. 19th European Transport Congress, European Green Deal, Challenges and Solutions for Mobility and Logistics in Cities, Maribor October 7-8, 2021 scientific committee member

Other activities

1. member of Hungarian Society for Transport Sciences 1998- 2. member of Public Body of Hungarian Academy of Sciences 2003- 3. BME – KJK Chairman of Scientific Student Council of Faculty 2015- 4. member of the Board at Jedlik Ányos Klaszter 2021- 5. member of Hungarian Academy of Sciences (MTA) Committee of Transport and Vehicle Sciences 2017- 6. European Platform for Transport Sciences (EPTS) steering committee member 2021-