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Assistant lecturer

Dr. Ádám Nyerges

H 1111, Stoczek str. 6. Budapest Hungary




Ádám Nyerges, Máté Zöldy
Verification and Comparison of Nine Exhaust Gas Recirculation Mass Flow Rate Estimation Methods
SENSORS 20 : 24 Paper: 7291 , 24 p. (2020)

Ádám Nyerges, Máté Zöldy
Model Development and Experimental Validation of an Exhaust Brake Supported Dual Loop Exhaust Gas Recirculation on a Medium Duty Diesel Engine
MECHANICS 26 : 6 pp. 486-496. , 11 p.m. (2020)

Duleba Szabolcs, Tamas Tettamanti, Ádám Nyerges, Zsolt Szalay
Ranking the key areas for autonomous proving ground development using Pareto Analytic Hierarchy Process
IEEE ACCESS 9 pp. 51214-51230. , 17 p. (2021)

Zsolt Szalay, Zoltán Hamar, Ádám Nyerges
Novel design concept for an automotive proving ground supporting multilevel CAV development
INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF VEHICLE DESIGN 80 : 1 pp. 1-22. , 22 p. (2019)


International IEEE Conference AND workshop in Óbuda on Electrical and Power Engineering
November 20-21, 2019, Óbuda University, Tavaszmező utca 17, H-1084 Budapest, Hungary