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Advanced Fuels Research Group (AFRG)

Dr. Ádám Török

Associate Professor

Dr. Máté Zöldy

Head of Competency Center

Dr. Ákos Bereczky

Associate Professor

Dr. Edit Cséfalvay

Associate Professor

Introduction of the Research Group

The AFRG was primarily established to develop joint proposals, mainly EU proposals, but also to coordinate the joint use and development of the research infrastructure available at BME. Mutual exchange of information and sharing of resources

Watch our 3-minute introductory video:


-AFRG is expected to make its first appearance at the "Hydrogen - Present and Future in Mobility" exhibition and conference. Participants have already shown significant progress in the field of alternative and renewable fuels


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2. Edit Cséfalvay, Evaluation of Biobased Lighter Fluids, ACS Sustainable Chem. Eng. 2018, 6, 8417−8426
3. Wojciech Tutak, Kristóf Lukács, Stanisław Szwaja, Ákos Bereczky: Alcohol–diesel fuel combustion in the compression ignition engine, Fuel, Volume 154, 2015, Pages 196-206
4. Zoldy, M ., Hollo, A., and Thernesz, A., "Butanol as a Diesel Extender Option for Internal Combustion Engines," SAE Technical Paper 2010-01-0481, 2010, https://doi.org/10.4271/2010-01 -0481.
5. Emőd, I., Tölgyesi, Z., & Zöldy, M. (2006). Alternative drive trains [Alternative drive trains]. Maróti Könyvgerkesséd és Könyvkiadó Kft.
6. Máté Zöldy (2011) ETHANOL–BIODIESEL–DIESEL BLENDS AS A DIESEL EXTENDER OPTION ON COMPRESSION IGNITION ENGINES, Transport, 26:3, 303-309, DOI: 10.3846/16484142.2011.623824


P1600249/19 P0800645/17


GTE Bánki Donát Award, 2022 (MZ) IEEE Best paper Award, 2021 Coginfocom (MZ) Innovation Grand Prize, 2017 XXL diesel (developer MZ) MTA Committee on Heat and Power Engineering, member and secretary (ÁB) MTA Subcommittee on Internal Combustion Heat Engines, Chair (ÁB) Hungarian Section of The Combustion Institute, Board Member (ÁB) MTA Early Childhood Researcher Publication Grant, 2022, (ECS) MKE Award for Excellence, 2020, (ECS) János Bolyai Research Fellowship (ECS, ÁB)


Fuel, Energy, Fuel Processing Technology, Energy & Fuels, Thermal Science, Cognitive Sustainability, ACS Sustainable Chem. Eng.


Octane rating engine, CFR Cetane rating engine, WISCON TOTAL TM27 based gas engine, FE 350 S compound -active- 300 kW brake, Schenck W-260 passive brake, HORIBA MEXA-8120 F emission measuring system indicator systems. Ricardo single-cylinder research engine, Complex emission measurement system, AVL Fire, Boost and GT Suit softwares, Cummins EGR engine test system, Fuel-cells and models, Validation vehicle available


1. Innovative Mobility Programme, 2021-2023, CTI/ITM
2. "Biomass Heat Pipe Reformer" (NNE5-2000 -000181), FP5 project, 4 years,
3. environmentally friendly use of low calorific gases, 3/018/2001 NKFP, 4 years
4. "Investigation of combustion properties of high inert and biogases" (OTKA K-46860)", 4 years
5. combustion technology investigation of renewable energy sources, (postdoctoral OTKA, PD-48678) , 4 years

Industry relations

AVL, AUDI Hungaria, NKM, MVM, MOL, Bosch


Bus and Coach Conference, Budapest 2021 October 14, organizer (MZ)
Cognitive Mobility, Budapest, 12 October 2022, President (MZ)
European Combustion Meeting (ECM) 2015, Hungary, organizer, plenary and section chair (ÁB)
International Scientific Congress on Powertrain and Transport (KONES) 2018, Poland, organizer and plenary speaker (ÁB)
International Scientific Congress on Powertrain and Transport (KONES) 2012, Poland, organizer and invited speaker (ÁB)