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M Zoldy, A Hollo, A Thernesz: Butanol as a diesel extender option for internal combustion engines, 2010, SAE Technical Paper, https://doi.org/10.4271/2010-01-0481.

M Zöldy: Ethanol–biodiesel–diesel blends as a diesel extender option on compression ignition engines, 2011, Transport 26 (3), 303-309, https://doi.org/10.3846/16484142.2011.623824

M Zöldy: Legal Barriers of Utilization of Autonomous Vehicles as Part of Green Mobility, 2018, 
International Congress of Automotive and Transport Engineering, 243-248, https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-319-94409-8_29

M Zoldy, MS Csete, PP Kolozsi, P Bordas, A Torok: Cognitive Sustainability, 2022, Cognitive Sustainability 1 (1), https://doi.org/10.55343/cogsust.7 

M. Zöldy and P. Baranyi: The Cognitive Mobility Concept, 2022, The Infocommunications Journal, early access, https://www.infocommunications.hu/documents/169298/4797540/InfocomJ_2022_EarlyAccess_1_Zoldy_.pdf


Diploma work special prize Pro Progressio Foundation Hungary 2004
Diploma thesis special prize Mechanical Engineering Scientific Association Hungary 2004
Literature Prize Mechanical Engineering Scientific Association Hungary 2006, 2020
Honorary Professor Nyíregyházi University Hungary 2015
Hungarian Industrial Innovation Award MTA Hungary 2017
Csibi Vencel Chief Engineer Award EMT Transylvania, Romania 2020
Bánki Donát Award GTE Hungary 2022


1st IEEE Conference on Cognitive Mobility, chair
AMMA 2013 - 3rd International congress automotive, motor, mobility, ambient, 2013 10 17-19 Romania Scientific Committee Member
Vehicle Engineering and Automotive Conference 2016.11.17 Hungary Scientific Committee Member
AMMA 2018 - 4th International Congress Automotive, otor, Mobility, Ambient, 2018 10.17-19 Romania Member of the Scientific Committee, Section Chair, Rapporteur
KONES - 44th Congress of Poetrin and Transportation Means 2018.9.24-27 Poland Section Chairperson Rapporteur
CTTE International Conferences on Traffic and Transport Engineering, 2018.09.17-18 Serbia Section Chairperson Rapporteur
Adaptive Digital State, 5-6 November 2019 Hungary invited speaker
XXVIII International Conference on Online Engineering, 25.04.2020 Romania Section Chair
1st IEEE Conference on Cognitive Mobility Hungary Conference Chair plenary speaker


Multifunctional detergent-dispersant additive and environmentally friendly engine oil and engine propellant formulations, P 12 00619

Other activities

Association of Engineering Sciences, member, since 2004
President of the Automotive Scientific Association, Automotive Section, since 2018
Transylvanian Hungarian Technical Scientific Society, member, since 2012
FISITA (World Federation of Automotive Engineers), Representative of Hungary, since 2010
Member of MTA Public Body, since 2008
CTI Scientific Advisory Board, member 2011-2013
BME, Innovation Council, KJK representative since 2020