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Rail Traffic Control and Safety Research Group

Dr. Szilárd Aradi

Senior Researcher


H-1111 Budapest, Stoczek József utca 2



Dr. Géza Szabó

Associate Professor

Dr. Tamás Bartha

Associate Professor

Balázs Farkas


Dr. Tamás Bécsi

Associate Professor

Introduction of the Research Group

The role of rail transport in the transport sector is becoming increasingly important because fast and environmentally-friendly passenger and freight transport is an important goal for Hungary and the European Union. By using new technologies that have emerged in the recent past, the efficiency of rail transport can be increased while maintaining railway safety targets. Our research team aims to respond to these challenges with state-of-the-art technology. The research team operates in three areas. The first is an automated solution for traffic management problems. On a capacity-constrained infrastructure, automatic train control enables traffic to be handled efficiently without human intervention. In recent years, machine learning-based solutions have also emerged in this area. Optimization solutions based on this are still one of the development directions, which pose many theoretical and practical challenges for academia and industry. The second area deals with hazard and risk analysis of systems and safety assessment in life cycle models because risk-based approaches to the design of electronic systems are essential in developing safety-critical systems. Our department has decades of experience in risk analysis of high-reliability systems (BME methodology), and we are currently cooperating with our industry partners in this field. The third area is the application of formal methods in embedded systems used in rail transport. The goal is to develop mathematical tools that can precisely specify system requirements. Furthermore, a system model can be created and refined gradually and consistently. Finally, it can be verified (for the model) that the specified requirements are met through model checking or automatic batch verification.


- Risk assessment method for railway interlocking systems
- Modelling methods for railway interlocking systems
- Optimization methods to solve rail traffic management problems


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MDPI Applied Sciences
Periodica Polytechnica Transportation Engineering


OpenTrack rail traffic simulation software


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Development of distributed logic railway safety equipment, VKE 2018-40, 2018-2022, NRDI Fund


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IEEE 20th Jubilee World Symposium on Applied Machine Intelligence and Informatics, 2022, Poprad, Slovakia, Lindenmaier László presenter, session chair
16th Mini Conference on Vehicle System Dynamics, Identification and Anomalies, VSDIA 2018, Budapest, Hungary, Szabó Géza, session chair
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